Note: We are currently low on stock for the 50cm square frames, so there are some arrangements that are going on hold. If you urgently need to beautify your wall space, we recommend taking Set11 , which you can easily DIY at home.


Montaged is about the convenience of decorating your bare walls with photos. Be it capturing your baby’s first smile, first walk, or capturing the beautiful moment of your wedding day. Montaged is a series of pre-arranged photo frames ready for decoration at your home.

For your convenience, we also provide printing, delivery and installation service. Customized installation is available upon demand.
Life is too short

How to start ?

  1. Email us a photo of your existing wall
  2. Give us a dimension (width x height)
  3. Set a budget if you prefer
  4. Give us few days to propose a few arrangements for you
  5. Once we are done finalizing the arrangements, send us your photos for print.
  6. It will take another few days to prepare them before we send out for delivery or installation.

Otherwise, you can just select from our existing arrangements and self install at home.

Contact details:
9725 0922 (Call or Sms)